Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Here I Am, Panhandling Again

That title is in jest about a comment I got one time that I was no better than a panhandler.  I'm pretty sure panhandlers don't donate the money they get, but I could be crazy.

Anyway, I know I bombed the hell out of my email contacts and I don't usually do this...I buy and support the cookie drives and the wrapping paper and all of that, but I don't ask for people to buy just because it makes me uncomfortable.

This, however, is an awesome cause and Harmony is so excited to be able to help.

When I asked her what her goal was, she said, "Five dollars, Mommy.  That will help of one those kids get a new heart, right?"  She has such a good soul and I love her to pieces and don't ever want her to lose that drive to help, even in small ways. 

She didn't think she'd would raise more than five dollars because, well, Mommy never has friends or anything come over but I told her that I do have friends....they just don't live near me. 

Anyway, the donation is $5 if you're interested.  And thank you.  I'll try to get some pics of up the Jump Rope day.


FrankC said...

The donation site must be popular. I got an error when I tried.

Court said...

Aw, what a sweet little spirit she is!

Anonymous said...

Shame on you, trying to raise money for a good cause!! I donated $5, unfortunately with the exchange rate being what it is I could not give much more. Lucky I had a Paypal account as it did not do credit card payments from SA.
I did not see a place where you could put in honour or memory of as I see some people did, so anyway it is in memory of my daughter Kendra who died of heart failure in 2006.
PS: Can't get a feed on the new blogsite?

MMC said...

Sweet. I am canvassing for the Heart Association in Canada for the first time this year.

Kim S. said...


Tell Harmony to check her total! ;)
I just popped over and finished it out. Hugs to her and the wonderful, thoughtful heart she has! Great job to you Mom! :)

Jill Phillips said...

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Robert Gomez said...

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Priscilla said...

This is fantastic!