Thursday, June 29, 2017


....start off posting every three weeks, that's not unreasonable.  Set realistic goals.  Do daily affirmations.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding?  Neurosis is my go-juice and if I were predictable or consistent, my life probably would have turned out much differently.  Just some alternate universe, there is a version of "me" that arrives on time and come prepared with all daily necessities and shit. 

Ugh.  Kill that "me".  It will be fine, I'm sure she has phenomenal life insurance.


Marcus said...

It will flow when it's time. There is nothing wrong with letting it percolate while working up courage. Speaking our truths is the most difficult part of being human. It's why so many relationships suffer. Honesty is the highest form of intimacy. I saw that somewhere, and it is so damned true.

Captain Cleavage said...

Are you still writing in the other blog? I know you have it (or had it) password protected and used to send out a new password after each post but stopped. Hope you keep writing love light and prayers.

Matt G said...

Time for a new post, ma'am.

Post about today, please.

Matt G said...

Time for a new post, ma'am.

Post about today, please.

Unknown said...

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red dirt girl said...

next blogged over - what a refreshing surprise, considering most next blogs are porn, gay porn, male gay porn. sigh.

I had some truly dark years .... blogging kept my head above water and out of the noose - that's the truth. Then menopause happened and I'm no longer so hormonally stressed.

My psychiatrist told me this would happen one day. Glad I lived long enough to experience it.


Unknown said...

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Skittles said...

I've been reading your blog through the years, on and off. I knew about your struggle with your eldest's dad, your hubby who was so good to you (sorry I don't remember their names) and your kids. I was sad to learn about the emotional online affair you had that led to you two getting separated. Now out of nowhere I remembered your blog. I was like, "whatever happened to boobs, injuries and dr. pepper?" so here i am. it's sad to see you have been reduced to this. you were once my hero, in my younger years. you were sarcastic and funny and positive and strong. and clever. very clever. i don't know what has happened to you, Crystal, but i hope you get your voice, your mojo and your whole self back. hugs and healing to you.

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